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JMC featured in edition of ArchPLUS Magazine 09.01.2017

ArchPLUS is the official publication of the AIA Westchester + Hudson Valley: A New York Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.

The Fall 2016 issue celebrates the 80-year anniverrsary of this well-recognized and thriving chapter of the AIA.  The issue also features an article written by JMC on a hi-tech method for measuring large spaces, entitled: “Reality Capture – Digitizing the Physical World.”

At JMC, we are proud to be utilizing the latest technology in laser scanning and point clouds to provide precise documentation of existing conditions in a wide range of environments, indoors and out.

AIAWHV was founded in 1936 and provides architecture and building industry related support, services, education and inspiration to over 600 members and 400 allied professional members across seven counties.

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