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The Park 333 (Shoprite Expansion) 09.08.2023

JMC and Diamond Properties, owner of The Park 333 property in Mount Kisco and Bedford received Planning Board and Zoning Board approvals for the redevelopment of the existing site to relocate the ShopRite grocery store from its current location in Bedford to Mount Kisco. The store will be larger and up to the latest ShopRite branding and standards. The site is located at 333 North Bedford Road in the Village/Town of Mt. Kisco, NY and the Town of Bedford.  The proposed project involves an expansion and conversion of existing tenant space within the main existing multi-use building. There are proposed conversions of warehouse/office to a grocery store. The ShopRite grocery store is proposed to occupy current warehouse/office space within the northeast corner of the existing building. As part of ShopRite, an enclosed vestibule and bottle recycling area are proposed additions to the existing building footprint.  The project proposes to improve the two existing access driveways along North Bedford Road to align with the existing driveways on the opposite side of the roadway. A new field house recreation building is also proposed adjacent to the existing soccer field which will provide amenities to those attending events at the field.

JMC is proud to be part of the team that included numerous approvals from the Village of Mt. Kisco, including the Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals and Architectural Review Board as well as the Town of Bedford Planning Board and Wetlands Conservation Board since part of the property is located in the Town of Bedford. The project also includes an internal connection driveway from a new proposed round-a-bout on-site to the adjacent existing Kohl’s property to provide an additional route for vehicles travelling between properties to help alleviate traffic on North Bedford Road.  Since the property is located within the NYCDEP watershed, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) approval for stormwater improvements was required by the NYCDEP.  A highway work permit is also being obtained from the NYSDOT for substantial proposed improvements along the North Bedford Road corridor. Construction on the project started in July 2023 and is expected to be completed in the Fall of 2024.

Above is a building elevation rendering prepared by the ShopRite Architect, RDG Architecture.