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WMPF Fall Program: Wetlands Seminar 11.14.2016

November 14, 2016 | John & Goldie Hergenhan Recreation Center, Armonk, NY

Wetlands Education and the County’s Aquatic Restoration Program

Westchester Municipal Planning Federation Board of Directors members Rich Pearson and Bonnie Von Ohlsen will be attending along with Planning & Zoning Board members for 1½-hours of training.

The speakers will include:

Beth Evans, PWS – Evans Associates Environmental Consulting, will educate attendees on various types and functions of wetlands, the role of Planning Board’s in evaluating potential impacts on wetlands and wetland buffers as well as wetland mitigation alternatives.

David Kvinge Westchester County Planning Department Director of Environmental Planning, will make a presentation on the county’s aquatic restoration program focusing on wetland restoration and creation projects.

Additional details and registration here.