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JMC | Celebrating 35 years as Site Development Consultants…with a new website! 11.24.2015

In 1980, gas was 55¢ a gallon, CNN was brand new, Raging Bull was all the rage and John Meyer started an independent multi-disciplinary site development consulting firm in his home.

Now, 35 years later, JMC is stronger than ever.



What explains this longevity? We think it has to do with remaining true to a core set of values, like uncompromising quality, tireless service and a total commitment to client satisfaction.

Those values have served our clients well through three recessions, five presidential administrations and a constantly evolving regulatory environment.

Being faithful to those values has helped JMC enjoy long relationships with many outstanding clients, colleagues and municipal officials; some for as long as we’ve been in business.

Say hello to our new website.


It is with great pride and gratitude
that we celebrate 35 years.

The temptation at anniversaries is to look back with nostalgia. We prefer to look forward with enthusiasm. We are eager to continue to find new and better ways to solve problems, to meet tight timelines and to overcome the most demanding land development issues.

It is with great excitement that we look forward to the next 35.