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3D Visualization

Computer models, 3D renderings and animation are essential tools for design visualization.

At JMC, we are incredibly excited to be incorporating these tools into the land development design and permitting process. This has led to remarkable results for many challenging sites and complicated projects. 3D visualization enables clients, approval agencies and community stakeholders to visualize a project before it’s built, and better assess a project’s integration into the surrounding area. It can also assist engineers and planners to validate and improve design.


3D Visualization includes:
  • Photo-realistic 3D Rendering and Animation
  • BIM – Building Information Modeling
  • SketchUp Modeling
  • Fully Rendered and Animated Fly-Throughs
  • Point Clouds for accurate Existing Conditions
  • Site and Architectural Models
  • 3D Printing for Physical Models
  • Inter-operability with Revit and InfraWorks
  • Realistic Textures and Materials
  • Edited Movies for Presentation

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